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We look forward to welcoming you home.


Tour Historic Sites

Delve into the history and impact of the slave trade on Ghana and the world with this guided tour of both Cape Coast and Elmina Castles. Millions of Africans passed through these two sites before the Middle Passage, and a return here for their descendants offers a chance for education and reflection.

Experience Accra

Accra is a busy modern city, where the streets smell of delicious foods and the beach waits to cool you down. You'll find a thriving local cultural scene, with everything from traditional song and dance to modern clubs with the latest live music.


Visit Kakum National Park

Tucked away in this small pocket of rainforest are endangered forest elephants, colobus monkeys, 300 species of bird and a staggering 600 species of butterfly. However, the main attraction is the canopy walkway suspended 30m (98ft) above the forest floor.

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